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 I have been an engineer in the television and media industry for over forty years.
Installing, troubleshooting and repairing a vast range of equipment from consumer to broadcast level, systems design, installation project management, bench and field repairs. 
Until being made redundant in October 2020 I spent the previous 15 years as a Senior tech support engineer for a manufacturer of high-availability distributed shared storage, media asset management, and video play-out solutions for the video production industry. With worldwide customers both large & small, including film & broadcast media, academic institutions at all levels, government & military, professional sports teams, scientific researchers, and more.  
User support has involved everything from assistance and training with workflow techniques among groups of video editors, to diagnosing & correcting issues with the client & server operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), to network troubleshooting and hardware diagnosis & repair with RAIDs, high-speed Ethernet (copper & fibre) networking, LTO tape libraries and more. Also provide assistance for customers using the company's Flow (multi-stream, multi-format real time video ingest) and Ark (flexible tape or disk base archival) systems.  
Documented customer repair case notes, identified & filed bug reports seen in the field, and assisted with improving documentation & procedures. 
I have worked on improving channels of customer communication via Zendesk CRM system, as well as Slack, Twitter, Facebook, email, and phone.
I am now self-employed working in a range of tasks including but not limited to:
·      AV systems & equipment installation & troubleshooting. 
·      Networking installation & troubleshooting.
·      Equipment repairs.  
·      Fully trained on 18th edition electrical regulations.
I am well equipped with tools and test equipment for most installation and troubleshooting jobs.
Based in west London and happy to travel anywhere, if practical for jobs from just a few hours work to days or even weeks if required.
Good working solo or as part of a team. 
Recent work has included TV studio installation, academic AV installation with wall mounted screens and multi-speaker audio systems, post production facility installations and IP CCTV. 
Please contact me if you think I can help with your installation requirements.

Contact me from the information below:-

Mob: 078 333 25 974